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WATT was retained by Vancouver Island University (VIU) to update the 2011 Integrated Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Strategy to determine progress on recommended actions from 2011, update campus parking and travel characteristics, and engage the campus community to gauge the level of support for possible TDM strategies. The update was focused on the Nanaimo campus only.  The report provides a series of 14 actions intended to enhance travel options to/from VIU and address parking challenges over the next five years (up to 2022). The process of undertaking the update revealed significant challenges in successfully pursuing many of the recommended actions.

The Strategy includes two specific actions that offer opportunities to meaningfully reduce single-occupant vehicle travel and improve campus parking conditions:

  1. Increase Parking Rates – An increase in parking rates is proposed to bring VIU’s rates more in line with other post-secondary institutions and reduce demand for parking on-campus. An increase in rates will result in new revenues that should be used to off-set the costs of other TDM initiatives.
  2. Student Transit Pass – A student transit pass (“U-Pass”) is recommended to increase transit ridership among students and reduce parking demand. Further study is required in coordination with the Students Union and Regional District of Nanaimo Transit to determine a cost, opt-out conditions and transit service improvements that are supported by the student body.

The Strategy document is available online here

Client: Vancouver Island University
Duration: November 2017 to January 2018

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