North Cowichan Master Transportation Plan

Project Details
Service: Transportation
Client: District of North Cowichan
Location: Cowichan Valley, BC
Year: 2020-2021

North Cowichan Master Transportation Plan

In collaboration with MODUS Planning, Design & Engagement, WATT is retained by the District of North Cowichan to develop update the community’s 20-year old master transportation plan.


The North Cowichan Master Transportation Plan project began in November 2020 and is anticipated to be completed in the fall of 2021. The overall process and strategic recommendations will be supported by rigorous technical analysis. WATT is in the process of completing the first phase of the project, Existing Conditions and Vision.

“The Municipality of North Cowichan is unique in that it includes several communities with significant geographic separation and different identities. What plan will be best?

We are going to find out.

Hearing from citizens and those who regularly travel within this area is a critical step in Phase 1 of North Cowichan’s Transportation Master Plan update. We’re looking forward to reviewing the survey results. Let’s tackle this with creativity, diverse experience, and collaboration!”

Transportation Team
Nadine King
Tim Shah
Filippos Gkekas

The MTP will include the following:

  • A long term vision for the District’s internal and external transportation network over the next 30 years. The vision will articulate the type of transportation system the District wants and how the system will improve the quality of life for the District’s residents, visitors, and businesses. It is also key to identify how it will connect to the surrounding jurisdictions
  • Define transportation objectives for the District that support and complement the transportation vision and other District goals and objectives.
  • A robust community and stakeholder engagement process to create a plan that reflects community desires.

WATT has conducted manual counts at 15+ intersections in the District to document vehicle, truck, bus, bicycle, and pedestrian movements. A District wide survey of transportation conditions was completed with significant community input received. Additionally, a household travel survey is also being conducted as part of the MTP. This survey will provide the WATT team with detailed travel data for the community including changes due to COVID.

This data will allow our team to accurately forecast transportation volumes (person trips) and trends in North Cowichan over a 30 year period and identifying specific strategies that the District could implement to increase the share of trips made by sustainable modes (e.g., walking, cycling, and transit) to reduce GHG emissions, improve quality of life, and mitigate the need for new road infrastructure.

WATT is working closely with MODUS, prime consultant on the District’s OCP update, to ensure the OCP and MTP processes are aligned.

Experience Profile – PDF

WATT Transportation – North Cowichan Master Transportation Plan – Experience Sheet 2021.06.16