Geomatics +
Land Surveying


Our Geomatics division is an inter-disciplinary operation of land surveyors, engineers, project managers and surveying technologists.

We primarily work in land development, present and emerging energy sectors, and infrastructure. Our offerings include legal surveys, construction surveys, 3D laser scanning, and UAV surveys. We are passionate about our industry. Our team is committed to innovative geomatics solutions utilizing the latest technology, efficient processes and industry expertise.

Our approach is to partner with developers, contractors, builders, and owners to support projects from initial conception to approvals through all stages. Successful partnerships with our clients include urban multi-use towers, master planned communities, industrial subdivisions, and high-profile public spaces. We take pride in providing top level customer service that meets the specific objectives and needs of our clients.

We are agile, solutions-focused, and passionate about our industry. We are motivated by the success of our clients!

Cadastral & Legal Surveys

WATT Geomatics is licensed with the Alberta and Saskatchewan Land Surveyors’ Associations. Our legal surveying services include:

  • Subdivision
  • Condominium
  • Strata
  • Rights of Way
  • Registered Lease Surveys
  • Easements
  • Natural Boundary Surveys
  • Crown Land (disposition) Surveys
  • Consolidations
Construction & Engineering Surveys

WATT geomatics supports a wide range of construction projects in utilities, infrastructure, energy, and land development.

Projects Supported:

  • Shallow & Deep Utilities
  • Commercial Developments
  • New Home Construction
  • Green Energy Infrastructure
  • Oil and Gas Infrastructure
  • Mixed-Use High Rise
  • Roads & Bridges

Services Offered:

  • Grade Sheets
  • Building & Gridline Layout
  • UAV & Traditional Earthworks Volume Surveys
  • QA/QC Consulting & Reports
  • Control Surveys
  • Deformation Monitoring
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Aerial Site Capture

Featured Project: Riverside Landing

Topographic Surveys

WATT utilizes the latest tools from UAV’s, GPS, Total Station and 3D laser scanners, to capture data at the appropriate scale and detail.

Project Types:

  • Topographic Plans for Land Development Planning & Engineering
  • Industrial Sites for Expansions, Upgrades, Maintenance
  • Site Plans for Development Permits & Approvals
Deformation Monitoring

Deformation monitoring is a systematic process of measurements and analysis used to track and model the three-dimensional movement of a structure that may be the result of stresses induced by applied loads or environmental factors.

Multiple geodetic measuring devices can be utilized to measure displacements or movements in one, two or three dimensions. The information gathered by a deformation monitoring survey can be used by professionals to determine the health of a structure and make predictions about future behaviour.

We utilize the latest technology in total station, digital levels, scanners, and software to collect and analyze the data required for these types of projects. WATT has specific experience with:

  • Dam Deformation Reports
  • Infrastructure Monitoring – Bridges, Railways
  • Settlement & Post Load Deformation
  • Construction Excavation – Shoring Piles & Walls
Aerial Surveys

Over the past decade Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) have seen major advancements in industrial applications and adoption. Utilizing an ever-expanding collection of cameras and sensors, RPAS surveys enable WATT to provide survey and inspection services to our clients that would have been previously unattainable within most project scopes and budgets.

WATT has fixed-wing and rotary RPAS units operated by Transport Canada licensed pilots who are permitted to fly nearly anywhere across the country.


  • High-Resolution Imagery & Video
  • Progress Reporting & Volumes
  • Point Clouds & 3D Models
  • Fly-Through Videos
Reality Capture & 3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning equipment and techniques allow WATT to capture a complete, accurate representation of any site. Using this technology increases safety in hard-to-access locations, reduces shutdown times as measurements can be taken during most active operations, and provides a complete data set capable of eliminating the need for additional surveys as scopes or designs change. Advances in processing and presentation software allow the collected 3D information to be viewed and analyzed by anyone working in any location. It is now possible for engineers and technicians to “walk through” a surveyed space and take basic measurements without ever having to visit the site.


  • Single Space to Full Site 3D Point Cloud Capture
  • Volumetric & Topographic Surveys
  • Strata & BOMA Legal Surveys
  • Restricted/Limited Access Surveys (i.e. active roadways, inaccessible production areas, etc.)