Engineering + Planning


Our Transportation Division offers a broad range of transportation planning and engineering services to private and public sector clients throughout Western Canada and beyond.

We have established a strong reputation for providing innovative, community driven, and visionary transportation consulting to address complex challenges. We view transportation planning, transportation design and traffic engineering as disciplines that enhance communities. We help improve quality of life by designing and implementing diversified and sustainable mobility choices.

We understand every community is unique. As an interdisciplinary team, we offer an integrated approach to each challenge. We take pride in delivering multimodal solutions that integrate emerging technologies with innovative thinking and proven best practices. We lead our clients toward tailor-made solutions that are highly implementable.

In our consulting work, big or small, we aim to make a positive impact on everyday living for citizens of all abilities.

Active Transportation

People in communities big and small want comfortable and attractive places to walk and bike. The bar on what is needed to do this right has risen steadily over the last decade. We offer services to help our clients meet objectives to address climate change, improve public health, and increase community mobility.

  • Active Transportation Plans
  • Bike & Pedestrian Facility Design
  • Rapid Implementation Facilities
  • Universal Design for Pedestrians
  • Bike & Pedestrian Safety Audits
  • Education & Encouragement Programming
Public Transit

In communities large and small, public transit is the backbone for ensuring access for all citizens to day-to-day needs and new opportunities. Thoughtful transit infrastructure and new funding programs also means that transit investment can play a key role in shaping communities and development for the future.

  • Transit Service Evaluation & Master Plans
  • Transit Feasibility Studies & Small System Mentoring
  • Transit Planner and Scheduler On-Call Services
  • Service Implementation & Rebranding Support
  • Transit Stop, Station & Bus Lane Design
  • Transit Vehicle, Technology, & RFP Support
  • Transit Capital Funding Support
  • Transit Planning & Scheduling Training

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New Mobility

People are looking at new ways to get around their communities. A number of new vehicle types has risen substantially over the last decade and will continue to evolve. The popularity of these vehicles can lessen our dependence on fossil fuels and enable opportunities to manage limited roadway space better. Typical services we provide include:

  • Bike & E-Scooter Share (Shared Micromobility) Assessments
  • Electric Vehicles & E-Bikes Accommodation
  • Electric Vehicle & E-Bike Policy Development
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Gap Analysis
  • Micromobility Design Guidance
  • Curbside Management
  • Ride-Hailing
Transportation Planning

Great mobility strategy creates the framework for even more livable communities. Spanning everything from neighbourhoods and new developments, to campuses and whole communities, our transportation plans provide detailed and highly implementable action plans that think holistically across all types of travel and land use.

  • Transportation Master Planning
  • Complete Streets & Multimodal Corridors
  • Goods Movement
  • Campus Transportation Plans
  • Transportation Support for Larger Community Plans
  • GIS Analysis, Mapping, & Cartography
  • 2D & 3D Streetscape Visualization
  • Travel Demand Modelling & Forecasting
  • Transportation Strategy & Policy Development
Traffic Engineering

To move people and goods efficiently, our road networks and signals need to be designed for different vehicles and uses. Our team provides a range of services to help maximize the safety and effectiveness of transportation corridors, including:

  • Traffic Operations & Signals
  • Transportation Impact Assessments
  • Traffic Management Plans for Work Zones
  • Road-Railway Crossing Assessments
  • Transportation Data Collection
  • Traffic Microsimulation & Capacity Analysis.
  • Traffic Macrosimulation & Network Level Analysis
Public & Stakeholder Engagement

Citizens, stakeholders and elected leaders all have a meaningful role in shaping their communities. We help our clients develop and undertake transportation engagement strategies that meet the diverse needs of their communities.

  • Virtual and In-Person Public Participation Processes
  • Workshop Facilitation, Focus Groups & Design Charettes
  • Large Scale Community & Workplace Participatory Planning
  • Survey Development & Analysis
  • Travel Behaviour Change Campaigns
Parking Consulting

From determining the right amount of parking for new developments to advising on policies and actions that can better manage existing supply, our team provides well-honed and data-driven parking strategy services to help our clients better assess and plan for their vehicle and bike parking needs.

  • Parking Demand Studies & Forecasting
  • Parking Management Plans
  • Transportation Demand Management Strategies (Travel Behaviour Change)
  • Review of Parking Regulations & Bylaws (Off-Street & On-Street)
Transportation Safety

Safety is a core principle of transportation and our practice. We provide comprehensive safety assessments and recommendations for everything from schools, neighbourhoods and cities to airports, ferry terminals, major highways and work zones.

  • Bike & Pedestrian Facility Assessments
  • Safe Routes to School & School Safety Assessments
  • Road Safety Auditing
  • Traffic Calming & Speed Management
  • Traffic Management Plans for Work Zones
Development Planning

In order to make space for growing populations and new economic opportunities, it’s critical that development proposals accurately reflect future transportation demand. Our team provides a suite of transportation assessment services to non-profit, public and private sector clients.

  • Transportation Network Analysis
  • Parking Demand Studies
  • Transportation Demand Management Strategies
  • Roadway Functional Planning
  • Site Access & Circulation Planning
  • Traffic Noise Assessments
  • Transportation Impact Assessments
Transportation Infrastructure Design

We believe that great transportation infrastructure should not only safely and effectively connect people from one place to another but should also be designed to be great places themselves. We provide a range of multimodal design services to make the built environment of cities more functional and vibrant and we’re also very experienced at helping citizens and stakeholders work through the sometimes tricky trade-offs of the design process.

  • Complete Streets + Multimodal Corridors
  • Roadway Concept Planning
  • Roadway Preliminary Design
  • Roundabouts
  • Traffic Calming + Speed Management
  • Transit Stop, Station + Bus Lane Design