Project Description

The vision for the West Campus lands is to be a complete, vibrant and sustainable community that enhances the University experience, while harmonizing with surrounding communities. The Plan vision and proposed land use designations reflect a built form framework that supports a diverse, mixed-use pedestrian oriented community, providing an opportunity for all demographics to live, work and play in a compact, walkable and accessible environment. For this study, WATT Consulting Group provided transportation and geomatics services to West Campus Development Trust in support of the Master Planning process as well as the Outline Plan and Land Use process with the City. The Transportation Impact Assessment that was provided in support of this project included a comprehensive assessment of potential transportation demand management (TDM) measures as well as a review of suitable locations for roundabouts and cycle tracks. An initial boundary survey of the legal extents of the property owned by the University of Calgary formed the basis for a re-structuring of the legal parcels and subsequent subdivisions, right of way plans and road widenings and closures.  The development of this site is expected to occur until 2030.

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