Project Description

The City of Victoria is currently developing an All Ages and Abilities (AAA) cycling network. The network will be implemented over multiple phases and when completed, it will provide over 24 kilometers of enhanced bicycle infrastructure along with a minimum grid of 5.4 km of protected bike lanes in the downtown core. Our team worked with the City to design and construct the first section of the AAA facilities on Pandora Street. This 1.2km section of protected two-way cycle track completes the first section of the downtown hub / core of the network.

Our team utilized the conceptual design drawings developed by City of Victoria Staff to create detailed design drawings to provide for a two-way cycle track on the north side of Pandora Avenue. The design required implementing protected right turn phases on Pandora Avenue, and restricting right turns on red on Pandora Avenue and southbound on the side roads to prevent conflicts between cyclists and vehicles. Bicycle signals were included in the design, which required re-timing the fixed timed signals on Pandora as well as the actuated signals at Pandora/Wharf and Johnson/Wharf. Mid-block crosswalks, as well as raised crosswalks across the cycle track, were designed to safely cross pedestrians across the track and the roadway. The road and to the bus stops are now located in the raised median/buffer area. A combination of raised islands and paint with bollards and on-street parking was used to create a physical separation between the cycle and the roadway. In addition to design, our team provided the Construction Services during construction of the project that brought the project in on budget. Nadine King led the project.

More information about the project is found online at: Victoria – Biking on Pandora Ave

Client: City of Victoria
Duration: September 2015 to May 2017

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