Project Description

The City of Kelowna retained Watt Consulting Group to develop transit optimization measures for the core areas where transit is the most efficient, competitive, and sustainable. Phase 1 of the Kelowna Transit Core Optimization focuses on transit priority improvements along the Midtown Corridors (Enterprise and Springfield) and the Midtown Transit Exchange currently on the Orchard Park property adjacent to Cooper Road. The scope of this study included enhancements to transit infrastructure along Enterprise Way and Springfield Road corridors and the development of conceptual options for a new Midtown Transit Exchange on Cooper Road. Transit priority improvements consisted of transit signal priority, queue jump lanes, bus bays, new stop amenities, and the relocation of shelters to the back of sidewalk for user safety. The Midtown Transit Exchange design functional concepts included alternatives on and off private land. Both options included a roundabout pair to circulate transit buses and reduce intersection and routing delay. The exchange was designed in a manner to harness the benefits of automatic vehicle location to assign buses to preferential and priority stop locations for connecting transfers and direction of arrival and departure.

Client: City of Kelowna
Duration: November 2016 to March 2017

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