Project Description

The purpose of this project was to determine the alignment, roadway classification, typical cross section and access management plan for 84 Street NE from just north of 16 Avenue NE to Country Hills Blvd NE. There were primary intersections locations at 32 Avenue NE, McKnight Blvd. NE, 64 Avenue NE, Township Road 252 (80 Avenue NE), Airport Trail NE and Country Hills Blvd NE. Each of these intersections locations were analyzed in depth with functional plans prepared for each intersection.

Background volumes were developed using other areas studies and similar land use assumptions for unplanned areas and full build out of the entire roadway network which altogether helped develop the full build-out volumes for 84 Street NE and each of the major intersections.

The study area is heavily dotted with wetlands and waterbodies. A desktop review of the wetlands within the study area was completed to identify any potentially impacted wetlands and their classifications.

Wetland avoidance and minimum space requirements to the Stoney Trail interchanges were the primary design considerations when developing the 84 Street NE alignment. The roadways of McKnight Blvd. NE, Airport Trail NE and Country Hills Blvd. NE provide direct access to Stoney Trail and minimum spacing and weaving requirements resulted in shifting the 84 Street intersection to the east in these locations.

Client: The City of Calgary, Rocky View County, Pacific Investments & Development Ltd., Genesis Land Development Corporation
Duration: August 2017 to May 2018

Services Provided:

Traffic Engineering


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