Rail Safety Assessments + Whistle Cessation Reviews

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Publish Date: July 29, 2021

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Rail Safety Assessments + Whistle Cessation Reviews

WATT has extensive and recent experience undertaking Grade Crossing Safety and Whistle Cessation Assessments for public sector clients in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan


WATT’s Rail Expertise

Our project team includes transportation engineering professionals that have acquired experience assessing public grade crossings to ensure compliance with the Grade Crossings Regulations (GCR), Grade Crossings Standards (GCS) and Transport Canada’s whistle cessation process. Our approach to crossing assessment relies on a keen understanding of project and client needs to be confirmed during the project initiation meeting. With project details and the client’s needs clearly defined, WATT has prepared a work plan and approach that is consistent with the various requirements of the Grade Crossing Standards.

Our Team is adamant about leaving ‘no stone unturned’ when completing a safety review or audit for their clients. In addition to identifying noncompliance with the standards at each location, our team will identify potential hazards to improve road user safety that may not contravene the Regulations but should be corrected regardless.

No Shortcuts

There has been a trend in the industry to reduce costs by completing minimal in-field observations with junior staff and rely on drive-through video capture or photographs to allow more senior members of the consultant team to review the locations from the office.

WATT does not take this approach. While this methodology may suffice for certain road infrastructures, complex interactions and site-specific issues at at-grade crossings can be observed only by investing time in the field.

Recent Projects

Wheatland County Rail Crossing +
Whistle Cessation Review (2020-2021)
Wheatland County, AB
PDF – Experience Sheet

CP Rail Crossing Safety Assessments +
Whistle Review in Innifail, AB (2020)
Town of Innisfail, AB
PDF – Experience Sheet


Lessons Learned – Past Project Success

WATTs experience on Railway Assessment and Whistle Cessation projects has resulted in the development of efficiencies that saves clients time and costs, and further enhances community safety.

Experienced Data Collection Team

  • We assign data collection to team members who have experience with rail safety projects.
  • We assign senior personnel to supervise investigation activities

Templates Matching Transport Canada Requirements

  • Grade Crossing Regulations
  • Grade Crossing Standards

Value-Add Services

  • We advise clients on value-add services when we see opportunities to further enhance community safety at railway crossings. These value-added offerings are optional.

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