Geomatics Services

Inspired every day to help our clients projects succeed. Our team members bring their expertise and creative resources to navigate the complexities of community developments. We have established a strong reputation of delivering solutions when you need them. Geomatics offers the following range of practice areas.

Geomatics Services

Legal Surveying Services

Our land surveying team provides legal surveying services for all municipal developments such as Subdivision of Land, Condominium Surveys, Stata Surveys, Rights of Way Surveys, and Real Property Reports. Our team will help you meet the provincial and municipal requirements for developments.

Mixed-Use Developments

Our team can provide all the geomatics services for larger scale developments. Should you need a strata plan or condominium plan to quality assurance during construction, the team has the experience to help you.

Laser Scanning

Our Geomatics Services Team utilizes the latest in High Definition Laser Scanning technology to capture a complete surface representation of our clients’ sites or buildings. Application of laser scanning to your project is a paradigm shift in providing precise and accurate solutions for Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Architectural Applications.

Monitoring and Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance expertise includes foundation monitoring for movement, concrete slab flatness, and levelness reports, shoring pile monitoring, and high precision control networks.

Historical Building Surveys and Architectural Rendering

We offer unique and creative services in modeling building envelops and interior floor plans utilizing laser scanning technology for a number of projects. Our team uses the latest modeling software including Cyclone, Revit, Recap, Civil 3D, Sketch-Up and Carlson.

Condominium and Lease Area surveys

Our land surveying team can help you with condominium projects. Our team has expertise in bare land and building condominiums, and lease area surveys.

Country Residential

We offer our rural clients land surveying services to create acreages from the home quarter to the real property report. We value the rural lifestyle and community.

Commercial and industrial lot grades

An essential service offered by our geomatics services team is lot grade plan and certification for municipal regulation compliance. This certificate ensures that the commercial property met municipal lot grading bylaws. These plans are included as part of the Drainage Site Service Plans offered by the engineering division within Watt Consulting Group.

GIS and Asset Management

We have experienced staff capable of designing and implementing GIS and Asset Management solutions for a wide variety of municipal applications.

Construction Survey

Shallow Utility layout and as-built surveys

Our construction survey team has been the surveyor of choice for the 4 party (gas, electric, cable, telephone) agreement for the City of Calgary since 1998. In 2009 we expanded our area of operations to include smaller urban centers and rural subdivisions in southern Alberta.

Site Surveys

We offer our clients suite of services regarding site survey plans. Elements of the site plan can include topographic features, underground utilities, contours and spot heights, building(s) location within the site, trees and shrubs, and parcel boundary information. A top view plan of the existing features on a parcel of land is an essential service provided.

Subdivision Engineering Surveys

Our team is knowledgeable in all areas of subdivision engineering surveys providing the necessary lay-out and survey requirements to meet schedule and budget.

Topographic Surveys

Our construction survey team offer surface surveys that focus on area or volume reports on quantities of material moved or stockpiled and quality assurance report that the conceptual design of the new community grading plan has been achieved.

Site layout Staking

From relatively small commercial projects to large scale construction survey projects that would require diverse data reporting, we routinely integrate skilled surveyors with the latest survey technology to best serve the client’s needs. Our team members provide staking for construction of underground utilities, curb and gutter, shallow utility crossing conduits, underground lot service installations, gridlines for building construction, and road lane markings.

Machine Control

Our team has the experience and software to provide and update the surface model needed in the contractor’s machine control system on the earthwork machinery.

Residential Survey

Real Property Reports

All Municipalities in Canada require a homeowner to have a Real Property Report for the transactions regarding Property. By having Real Property Reports completed by our land surveying professional, municipalities can also ensure that there is a uniform and safe community for all people to enjoy.

Residential Developments

Our residential survey team has the experience and capable staff to accommodate the needs of any size home builder. From initial planning and layout drafting; to setting out the location of the foundation; to ensure your home is in the right place; to the real property report.

Residential Lot Grades

An essential service offered by our residential survey team is lot grade plan and certification for municipal regulation compliance. This certificate ensures that all properties in a community have met municipal lot grading bylaws: That all properties have proper drainage to allow homeowners to enjoy their land.

Development Permit Surveys

The residential survey group can provide site plans and boundary surveys that are required to meet the regulatory process of development and building permits.

Multi-family Developments

An essential service offered by our residential survey team for townhome or condominium developments is initial planning and layout drafting to meet development guidelines. Setting out the location of the foundation to ensure complex is in the right place. For municipal regulation compliance, lot grade certification for each unit. Real property reports for each unit.

Residential Infills

Our team has the experience and capable staff to meet the needs of the infill builder. From potential subdivision of the lot; to setting out the location of the foundation; to ensure your home is in the right place; to the real property report; to the lot grade certificate.


“Watt Consulting Group is one of the finest Transportation planning groups I have had the pleasure of working with. They are unmatched for consistent, knowledgeable and professional service in the Calgary region!”

David Jeffries, Partner
Zeidler Partnership

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