Jason Deschamps, P.Eng., A.L.S., MBA

Vice President, Geotechnical & Geomatics

Executive Team | Calgary, AB

Geomatics | Calgary, AB

Geotechnical | Calgary, AB

Phone: 403-462-2012


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Jason Deschamps

Vice President, Geotechnical & Geomatics

Jason Deschamps, P.Eng., A.L.S., MBA is a professional engineer and land surveyor with a diverse background spanning twenty-five years, including GPS and inertial navigation research and software development, project management in land surveying, and team lead of a municipal surveying division.  With a passion for technology, continuous learning, and innovation, Jason is an experienced leader with a history of building successful engineering teams.   Jason leads WATT’s strong and growing geotechnical and geomatics teams, supporting clients in land development, infrastructure, and construction support.

In his spare time, Jason enjoys mountain biking, cross country skiing, object-oriented programming, and reading.  For the last fifteen years, Jason has been actively involved with the local community as coach/manager of youth sports and school council treasurer.