WATT Web Privacy Statement

Collection and Use of Information

In order to conduct business, WATT collects, retains and uses personal information. The collection of this information, and use by WATT, occurs for reasonable and publicly justifiable business purposes. Specific to internet-related activities, personal information collected is acquired and used solely for administering existing and prospective employee, partner and client relationships. When you provide your information to WATT through use of our Website, Social Media, and social/event web applications with WATT, we collect your contact information such as name, telephone number, mailing address and email address. When you visit WATT’s website, we automatically collect information from your device through the use of cookies* and similar technologies.

Consent to Collect and Use Personal Information

Consent for collection and use of personal information is either implied, or express. In most cases we rely on implied consent where the law and accepted business practice indicate this is the acceptable choice. This includes your interactions with WATT via use of our Website, Social Media, and social/event web applications. Where the sensitivity of the information or its use warrants express consent for use of personal information, WATT will seek express consent by use of an additional privacy clearance from users. From time to time, certain necessary uses of personal information require WATT to share some of the information with an outside party. This situation is rare. WATT does not disclose personal information to 3rd parties without express consent.

Use of Information

WATT uses personal information for reasonable and publicly justifiable business purposes. These activities may include (but not limited to):

  • Develop and maintain business relationships
  • Recruit new talent
  • Plan and manage events (online or in person)
  • Send informational communications
  • Conduct contests and surveys
  • Communicate with clients concerning prospective and current projects
  • Develop and improve on service offerings
  • Respond to inquiries and reviews
  • Prevent fraud
  • Publish testimonials
  • Display targeted advertising
Safeguarding Personal Information

WATT will safeguard all personal information it has from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification or destruction. This will be achieved through the use of appropriate physical, procedural and technical security measures. Access to personal information will be allowed only to persons who have a legitimate business reason. Personal information will be retained by WATT only for as long as is necessary for its stated purpose, or as may be required for statutory or other legal purposes. When the information is due for destruction, WATT will protect it from exposure during handling and use methods that ensure confidentiality is preserved.


Most website use cookies. Cookies are text files shared from your computer, collected by WATT’s website, social media, associated online tools, and event (online or in person) web apps/platforms. These cookies serve to identify you as a unique user. We use cookies on our website to track our web presence performance and assists us in improving your experience with WATT as a new or prospective employee, partner or client.