Sophie Eckard, BCom

Transportation Planner

Transportation | Victoria, BC

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Sophie Eckard

Transportation Planner

Sophie is a Transportation Planner who is passionate about the creation of more environmentally and socially sustainable communities. She is skilled in research and analysis and has experience coordinating and summarizing data collection, public engagement, and stakeholder outreach for a range of projects.

During her time with WATT Consulting Group, Sophie has worked on active transportation plans, master/area transportation plans, and transit plans for communities of varying sizes. She has also completed numerous parking studies that include analyzing development and area parking needs as well as recommending transportation demand management strategies to reduce vehicle reliance. Additionally, Sophie supports project engagement and reports by designing clear graphics and layouts that make information easier for a variety of audiences to understand. She has completed Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) training and approaches planning with an intersectional lens.