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WATT Consulting Group was retained by the City of West Kelowna to develop an implementation plan for capital pedestrian and bicycling infrastructure projects. The City had several partially completed plans that were never adopted.  The goal of the project was to identify priority locations for improvement and opportunities to combine with other capital works.

The project work consisted of a review of cycling and pedestrian network plans of the previous studies, a substantial stakeholder engagement effort, and an inventory of the existing system. Much of the City’s network was limited and discontinuous. Existing facilities were prominent in town centre commercial areas and there were existing capital plans to update road cross-sections on arterials. The inventory and information was analyzed with GIS to conduct a spatial analysis of pedestrian and cycling facilities and their proximity to major trip generators including transit exchanges, schools, community centres, neighbourhood commercial, and parks and heritage sites. Network plans were developed for pedestrian and cycling facilities for the City. Projects were compared with capital utility road works to identify opportunities to incorporate pedestrian and bicycle facilities into other planned works.

The ultimate project list was prioritized for school zones to facilitate active travel to/from schools in the City and address latent demand. The City increased their budget for pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure from $150,000/yr to $600,000/yr for five years followed by $250,000/yr for the following five years.

Client: City of West Kelowna
Duration: May 2014 to March 2015

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