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The supply and management of parking is an integral part of a city’s transportation system and can strongly influence travel behaviour and assist in achieving planning goals with respect to sustainable transportation. With this in mind, the City of Edmonton sought a White Paper to create an understanding as a starting point for upcoming strategic discussions of public parking management, parking-related land development regulations, and demand management.

The White Paper was developed in collaboration with municipal staff and is organized into three chapters: the first chapter provides a comprehensive discussion of why and how parking is supplied along with how society makes choices related to parking; the second chapter describes various innovations in parking management and regulation; and the final chapter provides a detailed account of how parking is currently managed in Edmonton.

With over 70 citations in the document, the paper highlights our team’s ability to conduct comprehensive and rigorous research and translate key findings into policy options for our clients.

Client: City of Edmonton
Duration: September to December 2016

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