COVID-19 – WATT’s Response to Protecting the Health & Safety of Others

WATT Consulting Group Ltd. 


“Accountability: We hold ourselves to the highest professional and ethical standards. We are accountable for our performance to each other, our clients and to the public. We hold paramount our responsibility in health & safety as well as the protection of the environment.” 

When our management team came together in 2017 to write these words as part of our updated values statement, we were not imagining a situation such as the one we are in now. On Monday morning WATT leadership met to address the needs of our clients and our team, their families, and our communities at large in the current wake of COVID-19. 

We made informed and actionable decisions in this meeting: Yes – we will implement a work-from-home model immediately. Yes – we will do our part to protect those who are at higher risk. Yes – we will encourage the practice of social distancing to protect our communities. Yes – we are ready. 

We are doing what many other businesses are doing. We are all in this together. 

As we commence with our work today, there is something uniquely “WATT” happening within our team. We’re seeing what makes us special. It’s in times of uncertainty that our sight can become clear – sometimes even change. 

What makes WATT different is our people. What ties all of us together is our values. In these days, it’s the accountability that each of us brings to our work, the agility we possess to get the job done in any circumstance, and the desire to offer our clients solutions that are the results of human excellence in knowledge, skills, teamwork and relationships.  

As we move into our new work-from-home model, we need to remember: cloud-based computing and collaborative platforms are only tools. Our ability to do good work for our clients across regions, political borders, disciplines and circumstances is something that comes from each one of us. It’s that simple. 

Like many others, we are choosing to commit to the health and safety of our community by practicing social distancing. We are also committed to following the formal recommendations outlined by Federal, Provincial and local Governments to do our part in limiting the spread of COVID-19. From wherever we are, we will continue to collaborate on client projects in a professional, efficient manner. We will make the most of modern technology to maintain and grow relationships with our clients, and with each other. 

Here are the Changes at WATT: 

  • Effective immediately, all staff are strongly encouraged to work-from-home if they are able to do so. 
  • Effective immediately, all meetings will be conducted via telephone or web conferencing. 

Here is What Won’t Change at WATT: 

While we work from home, our commitment to the Vision and Mission of WATT Consulting Group will be unchanged. 

“Our vision is to be a recognized leader in the creation of vibrant and livable communities.” 

“Our mission is to deliver quality and innovative professional services that exceed our client’s expectations.” 


As this dynamic situation evolves, it is anticipated that there will be many questions. In consideration of ensuring efficient and accurate communication, we invite you to reach out to WATT as follows: 

  • Transportation – Please direct questions to Dean Cooper – 780-919-0006 / dcooper(at)
  • Geotechnical – Please direct questions to Todd Croft – 403-660-9668 / tcroft(at)
  • Geomatics – Please direct questions to Jason Deschamps – 403-462-2012 / jdeschamps(at)
  • Civil – Please direct questions to Moh’d Al-Heneiti – 403-829-3117 / mal-heneiti(at)
  • Corporate – Please direct questions to Bruce Nelligan – 403-473-2685 / bnelligan(at)

For immediate assistance, please call our head office: 403-273-9001 / info(at)

Additional Communications: 

Any further communications regarding changes to policies and procedures at WATT will be distributed on the following platforms: 

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