WATT “Goes The Distance” For Electric Car Project

Watt Consulting Group is pleased to announce its successful bid to develop the “Electric Vehicle Strategy” for the City of Edmonton. This exciting project sees WATT directly involved in the Province’s Energy Transition Strategy and Edmonton’s vision to become more sustainable in its transportation needs. Car manufactures such as Tesla have proven that electric vehicles can be a great ride while still significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Lack of supporting infrastructure, such as public charging stations, have been a drawback to those who want to ride the electric wave. WATT’s work with the City of Edmonton includes a pilot project to add up to 30 more public charging stations as well as developing other updates to make using electric vehicles more feasible.

WATT staff members from both Alberta and British Columbia are currently driving “Electric Vehicle Strategy” to the finish line. As team leader, Dean Cooper is proud to be so instrumental in “Greening the Grid”. Stay tuned for more details as we complete the final lap on this innovative project.

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